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He was an expert in nusach and believed strongly that one should not change his nusach, and his tunes always appropriately matched the meaning of the words of the davening.

A Beginner’s Guide to Jewish Religious Practice

When it was his turn to sing, he dimmed the lights, closed his eyes, and sang from his heart. That was the only way he knew how to do it.

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He was also the voice of the Soviet Jewry movement, singing at every major rally from the beginning back in , when he was pegged by Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry founders Glenn Richter and Yaakov Birnbaum to sing at the very first rally in front of the UN. At one point, a year-old chazzan, Cantor Samuel Vigoda, got up to sing and brought the house down. Sun, November 24 26 Cheshvan Don't Forget to Register:.

Authentic orthodox Jewish Shabbat service (filmed before sundown) Happy Minyan, L.A. (111)

Chanukah Shabbaton - December 20, - December 21, Chanukah Party - December 26, 7pm. Led by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald.

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Powered By ShulCloud Login. Welcome to the Beginners Program Over the years and decades, Lincoln Square Synagogue's Beginners programs have achieved wide acclaim, to the point where they are often regarded as a model for adult Jewish outreach throughout the world.

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