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To further contemplate the importance of symbolism as Lewis did, Michael Davitt Bell makes an important observation that will help us progress to why in particular Huck Finn serves as a moral guide. At certain times he is there to condemn white supremacy, at others he is there to scorn Christian hypocrisy, and still he finds time for satire.

The combination of these prove to be why the novel has still remained vastly read in America.

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Just like Twain we also need to initiate political and cultural change in our own society, not with a fundamentalist approach but through the indirect and symbolic use of art. He finds the most unlikely of companions: a runaway slave whom he identifies as a father figure.

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We all just desire companionship in the end. They float down the Mississippi river both completely equal. As Huck addresses racism he speaks on religion as well, Huck questions religion because of his relationship with Jim, and then essentially damns himself to hell for not reporting him — Huck could help society tackle many dilemmas we are dealing with today: unqualified presidencies, the roman-catholic priest scandals with children, extremist militant groups, etc.

We, as Huck, need to address these doctrines and similar ones like them.

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  4. His example is as relevant for us today as it was then. I do not wish to provide answers to these questions; I only point to Huck who serves as a moral reference to which we turn to for advice in how we question them. Through Huck, Twain creates a platform on which everything is permitted: the equality of boy and man, the satirization of aristocracy, and the mocking of religious hypocrisy.

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    L, et. Quirk, Tom. University of Missouri, Smiley, Jane. During the voyage, he saw a small, lovely picture of Olivia Langdon of Elmira, N. Their happy marriage lasted until her death.

    Huck Finn as a Moral Guide for Political, Religious, and Social Dilemmas

    But though Twain had journeyed far from the Missouri of his childhood, he never really extricated himself from it. Sure, he creates a Huck whose instinctive compassion and intelligence seem to trump bigotry and proscriptive pieties. It also suffers from a surfeit of theories — some incontrovertible, some astute, some belabored. Log In.