God, Your Money and You

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What does matter is how you use the time, money and possessions that God has entrusted to you. This means we need to order our lives and finances in preparation to leave it all behind. How you manage money determines how you will manage greater things. Your ambition and life pursuit should be to become rich towards God, not in the eyes of men. Would you hire an investment manager who is likely to lose all of your money? Of course not! And, yet each one of us is like a financial planner that God has entrusted with His money. Faithful stewardship honors God and seeks to obey His ways in all financial decisions.

Money Tips From God

That requires renewing our minds with truth and applying His principles to every area of our finances: budgeting , saving , debt , investing , and giving! God has given you unique and special talents that you can use to earn a living, take care of your family and be generous towards others. Since God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud I Peter , it is important to be humble with money as well.

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God promises to bless us over and above what we give and also according to the measure that we use to give. But, if we hold back from giving with a stingy heart, we hinder God from blessing our lives. Giving is meant to be a joyful expression of thanks to God from the heart, not a legalistic obligation. Although we ought to do what we can to ensure that ministries we give to are good stewards of God's money, we can't always know for certain that the money we give will be spent correctly or wisely.

We can't allow ourselves to be overly burdened with this concern, nor should we use this as an excuse not to give. It's important for us to find a good church that wisely manages its financial resources for God's glory and for the growth of God's kingdom. But once we give to God, we need not worry about what happens to the money.

That is God's problem to solve, not ours. If a church or ministry misuses its funds, God knows how to deal with those responsible. This verse speaks for itself. We aren't fully surrendered to God until our money is dedicated to him.

Your Convictions About Money – Dr. Charles Stanley

When we truly recognize all that Christ has done for us, we'll want to offer ourselves wholly to God as a living sacrifice of worship to him. Our offerings will flow freely from a heart of gratitude.

What Does the Bible Say About Giving to the Church?

Let's consider a giving challenge. We've established that tithing is no longer the law.

New Testament believers are under no legal obligation to give a tenth of their income. Yet, many believers see the tithe as the minimum to give — a demonstration that everything we have belongs to God. So, the first part of the challenge is to make the tithe your starting point for giving. This verse suggests that our giving should go to the local church the storehouse where we are taught God's Word and nurtured spiritually. If you're not currently giving to the Lord through a church home, begin by making a commitment.

Give something faithfully and regularly. God promises to bless your commitment. If a tenth seems too overwhelming, consider making it a goal. Giving might feel like a sacrifice at first, but soon you'll discover its rewards.

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God wants believers to be free from the love of money, as the Bible says in 1 Timothy We may experience times of financial hardship when we can't give as much as we'd like, but the Lord still wants us to trust him in those times and give. God, not our paycheck, is our provider.

Bible Verses About Money: 9 Practical Principles You Need to Know

He will meet our daily needs. Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Updated April 26, Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

When money became an issue, he was no longer the amiable Thomas I knew. We always got along, so I never thought that our relationship could be damaged over money. When my parents died, they left us a small inheritance and stipulated that the money was to be divided equally between us. To this day, she remains bitterly resentful of me.

A distorted view of money can cause people to become judgmental. For example, a wealthy person might assume that those who are poor are too lazy to better themselves. Or a person with lesser means might hastily conclude that those who have more are materialistic or greedy. Leanne, a teenager in a relatively wealthy family, was a victim of that type of prejudice.

She relates:. I wanted to be known, not as a person who has money, but as someone who does kind things for others. The Bible neither condemns money nor criticizes those who have it —even a lot of it. The point is not the amount a person has but his attitude toward what he has or wants to acquire. Note the following examples. Striving for financial success, apparently, makes people miserable. A person who is content is not immune to financial anxiety; however, he knows how to put his anxiety in perspective.

For example, a content person will not overreact to financial loss. In everything and in all circumstances I have learned the secret of both how to be full and how to hunger, both how to have an abundance and how to do without. Researchers cite money problems as a common factor in marital strife resulting in divorce. Money problems have also been a factor in suicide. For some people, money is more important than their marriage vows or even their life!