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The screenplay was written and directed by Zak Hilditch and his adaptation is definitely a must-watch. Even Stephen King infamously known for panning adaptations of his work praised the film.

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Marcus and Sasha have been lifetime friends, ever since they were kids the pair have always been close but never romantically involved. Chickening out last minute to tell her his feelings over the phone, he asks to meet up with her the next day, only for Sasha to tell Marcus she met someone the night before. Amid the sudden and terrifying rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 7-year-old girl Loung Ung must fight for her survival. With an emphatic approach to the emotion that a child goes through during a time of great turmoil, this film was handled beautifully. Well received by both critics and audiences at home, this gracefully crafted film is a highlight of the Netflix library.

Sandler ditches his traditional in your face comedy for a beautifully written movie with some fantastic talent involved. Both have taken different directions in their lives with neither seemingly being good enough for their father. If none of the other Netflix Sandler movies are to your taste then this is the movie for you. During an NBA Lockdown a high profile Sports Agent looks to change the industry after he pitches a controversial opportunity to a Rookie Basketball client. Incredibly the entire film was filmed on iPhone and the level of creativity used in the camera work is one of the big reasons why the film has had praise heaped upon it.

The choice is up to you…. While Bandersnatch cannot be credited for being the first interactive title on Netflix, it certainly now is the most well known. Middle-aged couple Richard and Rachel have been desperate to start a family.

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On multiple occasions, they have failed to conceive a child and even assisted reproduction has resulted in failure. With not much hope of ever having a child, they turn to the daughter of their Sister-in-Law for help in the hope of having a child. While Private Life is one of the latest films available to stream on Netflix the movie actually debuted earlier this year at the Sundance film festival and was well received by critics for its handling of a story of such a sensitive nature.

Orphan Mowgli is raised by a pack of wolves after the Tiger Shere Khan killed his parents. But as his trial to join officially join his wolf pack draws closer, the threat of Shere Khan looms over the jungle. It took many years for the film to finally be released but what a spectacle it is.

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Make sure to add this film to your watch list. Teenager Lara Jean leads a normal, boring high school life until love letters written to herself were made public. Soon her love life goes from 0 to a Prior to production, there had been many studios interested in producing the film, but nearly all wanted to change the lead character to Caucasian over Asian. Finally finding a studio that was happy to progress with an American-Asian lead the film went into production. The film itself is very charming and sweet and has gone to become massively popular amongst female audiences both young and old.

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Actress Lana Condor also can be credited for a fantastic performance in a role made just for her. Two shy and socially awkward co-workers Maria and Endre form a special bond through a mysterious mystic connection that manifests in a dream. The documentary delves into the racial inequality of America, from Post Slavery through the Jim Crow laws and Segregation all the way into the modern-day.

Upon his return to his country, what remains of his forces take a final stand against the tyrannical English king. Chris Pine and the outset deliver a fantastic performance in this historical-action drama. If you are expecting something akin to Braveheart then you may well be surprised.

Instead of Kilts, the film chooses to deliver a historically accurate look at the Scottish rebellion.

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Set across six chapters, each story tells the tale of life on the western frontier. A sharpshooter, a bank robber, traveling performers, a prospector, a traveler, and a motley crew all experience life in the west with its own tragedies, ironies, and success. One of our personal favorites of , The Ballad of Buster Scruggs was an exceptionally great and unique experience. The Coen brothers once again did not fail to deliver on the western comedy.

When filmmaker Yance Ford investigates the murder of a young black man, it becomes an achingly personal journey since the victim, year-old William Ford Jr. A deeply personal film, director Yance Ford takes you on a somber journey into the investigation of the death of his brother. A powerful and gut-wrenching film Yance can be proud of the work he put into this for his brother. An incredibly fascinating watch that shows the level of commitment method actors such as Jim Carrey has gone to get into character, Carrey reminiscing of his time playing Andy Kaufman is almost a performance in of itself while also a stark reminder of the level of commitment it takes to put on such a performance.

This is a documentary that must be seen, even if you love or hate him I could not recommend this film more. Sci-Fi films are very hit and miss, especially in recent years with some of the Netflix Originals. I Am Mother is definitely the exception and has become a smash hit.

One of the sleekest and well-presented Originals to date, I Am Mother has easily become one of our favorites. With a superb story and great acting from a condensed cast, this needs to be added to your watch list ASAP. In the aftermath of a global extinction that wiped humanity from the face of the Earth, a teenage girl is being raised in an underground facility. But when a blood-drenched woman arrives unexpectedly, the nature of Mother is called into question as the teenage girl begins to wonder what other lies of the outside world she has been told.

As her curiosity leads her to question Mother her true nature is revealed along with the greater mission the robot has been tasked with. Beasts of No Nation marked a turning point for Netflix. Looking back, the movie is one of the most influential Netflix Originals to date. In the not too distant future, a cataclysmic event has wiped most of humanity off the face of the earth.

When their safe house becomes too dangerous to stay, mother of 2 Malorie must take her children downstream on a dangerous river to find their next home.

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All the while they must remain blindfolded for in the new world there are foul creatures that will make any that gaze upon them to take their own life. Despite any opinions on the film, we cannot deny its overwhelming popularity therefore whether the film was good or not the number of subscribers that tuned in to watch was ginormous. When filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller.

Dirty urine, unexplained death, and Olympic gold are all part of the exposure of the biggest scandal in sports history. Like most documentaries, Netflix produces this is a massive eye-opener into the world of sport and the level of underhanded cheating that has plagued sports for years.

Peeking through the Iron Curtain and looking state-sponsored doping, this shines a huge light on one of the biggest controversies to rock the sporting world in years. In the future, the Sun finally begins to expand. Threatened with extinction, humanity powers the earth with thousands of thrusters sending the planet off into space in the hope of searching for a new solar system to call home.

With Earth at risk of crashing into the gas giant, a team of Chinese scientists and astronauts are in a race against time to save the world from destruction. A beautiful movie with some serious messages contained regarding the future of mankind and its relationship with its food sources. Joon-ho Bong has produced some fantastic movies so far and this absolutely stands out as one of his finest.

The story is about super pigs but specifically one girl who lives in an isolated village in the mountains who raises one. After winning the contest, Okja is taken away and the adventure begins to save him from his certain fate. The harrowing picture tells us a story of two families in a post-WW2 in a rural south village. The film touches on multiple taboo subjects of the time but especially of the race relations. An absolute gem of the Netflix Originals library and one that may not have come to the light of day had Netflix not published it for the world to see.

A little girl already has her entire life laid out by her Ambitious Mother, tired of her mundane and planned out life, the little girl meets the pilot and introduces her to a world where she can rediscover her childhood and that human connections matter most and only with the heart can you see what it is mort important of all. Winner of the Cesar Award for Best Animated Film The film was received very well by critics, with its beautiful story and charming animation this is a must watch for you and the family.

Centered around the life of a live-in housekeeper who works for a middle-class Mexican family that lives in the neighborhood of Roma. Oscars aside the film is visually beautiful and filled to the brim with emotion and ultimately deserves the top spot. T here you have it, folks!

That is our top 50 Netflix Originals now available to stream, do you like our list? Is there a film we may have missed that you feel deserves a place on this list? Latest Leaving Soon.

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