Pact of Deliverance: Souls

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The stench of death is in the air Drifting without control to the end Death's hand had pushed me down Down into the abyss of nothingness. Path to freedom I will explore Awaiting reception into hell If I could escape this vicious circle To experience the joy of healthiness.

Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Downwards To Deliverance Soul Demise. Sitting imprisoned in a chair Only suicide can liberate me Set me free from this slavery Visions of death show me the way If I could escape this vicious circle To experience the joy of healthiness Doomed to death sinister thoughts I'm a prisoner in myself Stolen is the power of my limbs Dreams about death in me In me Motionless tied to a chair Try to escape this slavery Sickness is imprisoning me Thoughts about suicide arise I'm falling The stench of death is in the air Awakening in emptiness The burden is gone, my soul is free Open my eyes but I can't see An unknown place Don't want back to this occurrence The path to freedom I will explore The stench of death is in the air Drifting without control to the end Death's hand had pushed me down Down into the abyss of nothingness Path to freedom I will explore Awaiting reception into hell If I could escape this vicious circle To experience the joy of healthiness.

Envie pra gente. Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas. Help me to remember who I am in You and help me to become again that person You created me to be. Ask Jesus to cover the rejected part of you with the blood of Christ. I love you and want to share my life with you. You are no longer a stranger. I pray Jesus Christ that You would fuse together that part of my soul that was split to become whole again".

A Promise to God: St. Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle

This can be satanic or not. In covens people may be kidnapped to be used as part of these rituals. Parents involved in covens can also willingly use their children as participants. Demons may be placed inside a person as part of the abuse. The extreme abuse suffered through Ritualistic Abuse actually severs the human soul. This severing can also happen with other forms of extreme abuse. Instead of just fragmenting and splitting, the human soul is actually separated into two parts.

The person can develop what is known by medical professionals as Schizophrenia, Bipolar or Split personality disorder. Mental illnesses are formed from severe traumas when they are bestowed upon individuals. What is interesting though is how families can suffer with the same mental illness and not be inflicted with the same severe traumas. The Lord showed me how this works. We once had a client who had a case of depression and double-mindedness. It wasn't enough to be labelled as Bipolar or Schizophrenia but was instead labelled as depression.

She felt a lot of the time as though she was two different people. Sometimes she was nice and other times depressed or full of rage and anger. She operated in a double-minded capacity most of the time. The Bible tells us that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways James Upon hearing this I immediately identified within myself the symptoms which also included mental confusion - not being able to concentrate, feeling distracted and sometimes feeling as though you are walking around in circles not really achieving much. Anxiety disorder is prevalent in my family line which I believe a big part of this whole disorder.

Their souls had been severed and a curse placed over them at the time of the trauma. Their unforgiveness enabled the curse of mental illness family pattern of double-mindedness to fall on our families lines as a hereditary disease.

'' Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties "-- Pastor Paula White-Cain

That certainly made a lot of sense. The Lord showed me and the client that we had both been born with severed souls. Only He could put them back together again in wholeness. First I and the client had to stand in the gap on behalf of our grandmothers great and great great and repent for our unforgiveness then forgive the people who had done this and bestow a blessing on them and their descendants.

We then had to forgive the people involved also for how it had affected us in our own lives. The curse was broken and the Lord was able to knit our souls back together again in complete wholeness. I literally felt the difference straight away. I now feel more stable and level-headed. I believe that if you yourself haven't been subjected to ritualistic abuse but recognise some of the symptoms of mild schizophrenia or double minded-ness chances are there is someone in your family line that was ritualistically abused and the unforgiveness enabled the curse to fall upon you.

Before praying the prayer ask the Holy Spirit if there was someone in your family line that was ritualistically abused or severley abused and if He shows you someone specifically stand in the gap for them this is reflected within the prayer to break the curse. Write it down "On behalf of myself and ancestors I repent Father God for all forms of abuse including ritualistic and ceremonial that was bestowed upon others. I repent for all unforgiveness my family has held against others in regard to all forms of abuse. I renounce and reject all guardians, demons and surrogate parents assigned to me and my family by satanists and occult groups.

I ask You Father God to burn and destroy all things used and kept as part of the dedication rituals including DNA, hair, skin, blood and clothing. I wash away and dismantle all defilement, bonds, vows, curses, caveats, mottos, salutes, handshakes, declarations, covenants, spells, hexes, voodoo, incantations, teachings, assignments, binding contracts, oaths, blood oaths, blood ceremonies, blood sacrifices, bloodshed, drinking of blood, pacts, baptisms, false communion, agreement with the beliefs, rites and rituals made with satan and his demons.

I wipe away all oil and blood from animals and humans that was shed and replace it with the blood of Jesus Christ and render all contracts null and void. I break connections and ungodly soul ties to all abusers and the place of all events in Jesus name. Every demon involved with ritualistic, ceremonial and other forms of abuse, including any demons that were placed inside of me I now command you to leave in Jesus name.

I release light and love in Jesus name, and I pray for the severed and fragmented pieces to be restored and repositioned back into their rightful place.

Soul Damage - John S. Torell

Father I pray that where there was once confusion that there would now be peace. The soul can be cracked through wounds but when it is fractured the piece within the soul that is fractured actually breaks away from the main core.

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When people reject us or criticise us this creates a wound. When we accept or partner with this lie by coming into agreement with it the wound is greater creating in the fracturing of that wounded part. God revealed to me that I had a fractured soul. I would seek approval from everyone. People had rejected me my whole life for being different. I am a super sensitive person and people had teased and rejected me. Nothing I ever did was good enough. I had to strive to be accepted. I carried this onto my husband and even to God. God showed me that I needed to forgive everyone who had rejected me and made me feel that I was never good enough.

He told me that there was a spirit with me called 'Never being good enough'. He told me that perfectionism is from the devil. It is okay to not be perfect because God's love is unconditional. He loves you anyway.

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He told me that His love is a free gift. You can ask for it whenever you need it and He will supply it. Unbelief and other things though can block you from receiving it. Every person in our life has set a standard in which they think we should achieve. This is impossible for we will never please everyone. We need to forgive ourselves for not meeting the expectations that are put upon us. Name them if possible and bless them - "I forgive I repent for partnering with the lies that I am not good enough.

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I repent for hating myself and for trying to live up to others expectations, for this is an impossible task. I accept me for who I am and I forgive myself for not meeting these expectations. I repent for believing I had to be good enough to receive God's love and blessings, and that I have to 'do' something to receive them.

God's love is unconditional and is freely given to those whom He loves. I declare that God loves me.

Totems and Deliverance

I proclaim that it is okay to 'not' be perfect. Help me Father to see that perfectionism is bondage from the devil. Help me to laugh at my shortcomings and see them as opportunities to learn from, rather than accepting them as failures and errors. I declare I am the righteousness of Christ and I declare I am worthy of all things my Father in Heaven wants to bestow upon me. I graciously accept all He has for me! God loved me with His whole heart when I was imperfect. God loves me with His whole heart when I am perfect through Christs Blood - the only difference now is He can look at me and show me His love.