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By Jane O'Gorman.

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Get the biggest Daily News stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. Just Jane 'I had filthy weekend away with boss — and my boyfriend ended up paying' I allowed my boss to whisk me away on a dirty weekend where we feasted on wine and oysters. Just Jane 'She was feeding me prawn balls while he was pleasuring me — I crave more threesomes' I look at my long term partner and shudder - does he really expect me to live out my days in our dreary home with our rigid regimes?

Just Jane 'My man has moved another woman into our home even though we still have sex' She sleeps upstairs with him in my old bed while I'm in the guest bedroom — but when his new woman's out at gym he'll sneak into my bed for romps.

Problem 2: The Sober Awakening. You open your eyes for the first time and realize where you are.

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Not speaking from experience on the video camera thing, but after Lisbeth Salander, you can never be too careful. You try to look at him for the first time, tilting your head around to see if you can just get a little reminder, but the absence of light and the mass of sheets obscure your view. Stop it! You just want to know so you can say that you know….

Which leads us to Problem 4: Lack of Memory. What if, last night, you said no to something that is totally normal? What if you said yes to some obscure position that only the freaks and geeks get down in? We all know that guy.

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He seems totally normal and average, probably kinda cute, too, but when you meet his friends, you suddenly find a collection of the weirdest people in the entire city. Green did a great job of weaving all the stories together. A fun, light read! Apr 02, Lauren rated it liked it. This book is about three women in their thirties, Julia, Maeve, and Sam. Julia is a producer with a live in boyfriend who is "trapped" in a boring relationship. Like so many people I know in real life, she realizes deep down that she is not happy, but after investing 4 years in a relationship she is determined to make it work.

She figures that the spark always goes out in a relationship. Julia, like so many people in real life, doesn't know how to make herself happy and when her boyfriend Mark d This book is about three women in their thirties, Julia, Maeve, and Sam. Julia, like so many people in real life, doesn't know how to make herself happy and when her boyfriend Mark does not make her happy, she decides that she needs a baby.

Julia takes her obsession with trying to conceive way too far, bursting into tears at the sight of pregnant women and trying countless rituals to get pregnant. In the end, her resentment proves too much and she blames Mark for her inability to conceive. They have a terrible fight, she flees to New York and once she is outside of the relationship, she realizes that she was feeling stifled. Julia throws herself into single life and CUT - the chapters on Julia end. The story moves on to Maeve, a thirtysomething woman who replaces Julia in her producer job. Maeve is commitment phobic, as she was raised by a single mom who swung from relationship to relationship.

Maeve is morally bankrupt and finds herself pregnant by Mark after a one night stand. Maeve seriously contemplates abortion but as she gets to know Mark she decides to keep the baby. This section ends with Maeve in labor. The third section is about Sam, Julia's best friend. Sam is kind of the "glue" - through Sam we learn what happens to Julia and Maeve. Sam's section is about a woman who is probably suffering from postpartum depression but is also feeling a lot of emotions that many new mothers feel.

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She feels fat and unattractive, lonely and bored but doesn't want to return to work and the only good thing she feels that she has going on in her life is her baby. In a bid to cheer her up, her husband sets up a "date" with another couple. The husband in the other couple Dan is a complete sleaze and he flirts with Sam. Sam, totally vulnerable and frustrated with her husband already due to her depression, falls head over heels for Dan. She starts to lose weight, buy new clothes, and basically acts like a college girl. Her husband isn't sure what is going on, but he's thrilled that Sam isn't depressed anymore.

Ultimately, Sam finds out that Dan is a sleaze and they live happily ever after. The ending of this novel, needless to say, is feel good. All of the women end up happy. The story is a typical chick lit Hollywood movie kind of story. Jane Green is not a great writer - she writes in the present tense and her style is too repetitive for me. I seriously considered putting this book down forever during the Julia section at least the first pages. Julia is so insipid and whiny that I just couldn't bear it. Nonetheless, I know several women like Julia so it is realistic. Once I moved on to Maeve, the book improved markedly and I began to enjoy it more.

By the end, I was sorry to have finished it.

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Dec 01, Angela rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction. Quite possibly one of the worst books I ever read. It makes women look flightly and indecisive without really addressing serious issues the characters face in a way that is appropriate to their problems. Also, if you are even remotely thinking of having a baby, don't read this book! It makes having kids sound like a death sentence!

I thought I had read this before but I couldn't remember anything about it, so maybe I didn't. One chick lit book is very much like another. This is the story of 3 women - Julia, Sam and Maeve seriously, whose called Maeve nowdays? Jane tells the story in three sections, one at a time which doesn't always seem to work. I wish she had alternated viewpoints in chapters as we seemed to miss some important bits of the story.

I really wanted to see Julia's reaction to Mark getting Maeve pregnant I thought I had read this before but I couldn't remember anything about it, so maybe I didn't. I really wanted to see Julia's reaction to Mark getting Maeve pregnant but we never do. Once Jane is done with Julia's bit, she only come's back into it to talk on the phone.

I was less kind on Julia than the other two, mainly because we only see the crazy side of her and when we finally get to when she's happy again, we move on.

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I loved Maeve's story, even though I could see where it was going a mile off. She and mark made a much better couple than he and Julia ever did. And although I felt sorry for Sam's husband, I felt so humiliated for her when Jill and Dan said that stuff about her on the baby monitor. Ha any noticed that in most chick-lit books. That woman seem to have only two roles?

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